Missionaries We Support
  • Hargett, Brian (Chi Alpha-NCSU)
  • Jones, Chris (Raleigh, NC)
  • Kelly, James (Native American)
  • Ross, Kevin (Church Planters and Developers)
  • Sandhills Teen Challenge
  • Snyder, Tim (Blind)
  • Thompson, Randy (Children)
  • White, Gina (Chi Alpha-UNC)
  • Cole, Jason (Kosovo)
  • Daniels, Mark (Southern Asia)
  • Dodd, James (Belize)
  • Eshelman, Cecil (Russia)
  • Garvey, Randy (Mexico)


  • Hertweck, Galen (Philippines)
  • Hoffman, Steve & Kristi (India)
  • Hurst, Rolly (International)
  • Martin, Jerry (Sudan)
  • McCulley, Bob (East Africa)
  • Murphy, Vender (US Relations)
  • Nelson, Chris (Venezuela)
  • Oakley, Chris (Central Europe)
  • Rose, Phyllis (Peru)
  • Smalling, Grady (France)
  • Smith, Glen (Togo)
  • Snuggs, Clint (Latin America)
  • Stewart, David (Southern Asia)
  • Stewart, Kevin (El Salvador)
  • Suggs, Harold (Latin America)
Back Pack Ministry

This Ministry identifies children in school who go home on the weekend to a home with little or no food. We partner with guidance counselors, teachers and social workers to identify these children, and then we fill up backpacks with food in them each week on Wednesday night and distribute them on Fridays to the schools at a cost of approximately $5.00 per child per week.

We currently serve Harnett Primary, Wayne Avenue Elementary, and Dunn Middle Schools and serve 80 children between the three schools. This is another ministry that is supported by our church and community through donations and volunteers, both of which are always welcome.

Dunn United Ministerial Association (DUMA) Food Pantry

We partner with many other Churches in our community to financially support, and serve the People of Dunn, who are in need of Food. We help DUMA distribute the food every 2nd and 4th Tuesday.

Seasonal Outreaches

Our church believes in our community and we try to serve our community throughout the year with events like the Easter Egg Hunt, Fall